Job Interview Skills

A student’s first and final impression on the recruiter is through an interview, which unquestionably makes it the crucial part of getting employment into the corporate sector today. Acing an interview is a science as much as an art; it not only requires diligent preparation but also the ability to be at ease in the interview room, comfortable and confident in discussing why you are the best fit for a role.


Interviewing itself is a skill in which your ability to interact with the interviewer and articulate your thoughts are just as important factors in getting the job as the qualifications listed on your resume. Many deserving candidates miss out on their dream job oppotunities just beacause of the lack of job interview skills.


This workshop held at True North Life Coaching is aimed at providing students with these skills and preparing them for the careers they wish to pursue. Our ‘Job Interview Skills Workshop’ includes:


  • Evaluation parameters and winning mantras in an interview
  • Role of confidence and positive attitude in an interview
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
    ( Articulation/ Fluency/ Coherence in presentation/ Listening/ Assimilation)
  • Role of content and personality
    (Attitude/ Aggression/ Rapport building/ Comprehension of core ideas/ Patience/ Reasoning/ Accomodation)