Psychometrics Test

Psychometrics Test are conducted exclusively for college-going students at our institute, True North Life Coaching.

This test is the answer to a college-going student’s psychological issues and distresses. The test is designed by Dr. Harish Sharma, an eminent psychologist, child behavior expert, certified clinical hypnotherapist, an exceptional relationship counselor and a spiritual guru, who with his years of experience and expertise, puts in his sincere efforts to make sure the test judiciously analyses the psychological aspects of the mind of a college-going student and the derived results and conclusions help the student to take the necessary steps towards improving his/her present and glorifying his/her future.

Psychometric tests typically consist of:

  • Numerical Reasoning – this part demonstrates candidate’s capability of dealing with numbers quickly and accurately.
  • Verbal Reasoning – these tests assess the student’s ability to think constructively.
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests – these tests are designed to test the student’s ability to infer rules and apply them.