Career planning Course

Career planning is the process of activities undertaken by a student to plan and accomplish his/her career goals. We provide thoroughly guided career planning sessions customised and planned according to the student himself/herself suiting his/her calibre and potential.

The process of career planning initiates from exploring the interests and abilities of the students, strategically planning their career goals in the explored direction and then designing the appropriate learning and action plans to that would ultimately aid the students achieve their goals.

A school-going child is full of energy and potentials. It’s the age that has the ability to shape the complete life of the child. We put in our efforts through these Career Planning sessions with an aim to channelise that huge energy and skills in the apt direction through a suitable plan of action.

Dr. Harish Sharma, an eminent psychologist, child behavior expert, certified clinical hypnotherapist, an exceptional relationship counselor and a spiritual guru is undoubtedly the most eligible counsellor, parents can rely upon for appropriate guidance to their child during early ages of his/her life.