Life Coaching

The process of life coaching addresses personal and study-related goals of students, conditions and current scenarios prevalent in the student’s personal life, so as to discover the hindrances faced by him/her at present or recognising the potential obstacles that he/she might face, and then finally guiding through the appropriate course of action he/she is required to undertake to achieve his/her set goals while maintaining a balance between the personal and student life.

This workshop on ‘Life Coaching’ is different and above any conventional consulting, mentoring or counselling session.

Our professional life coach, Dr. Harish Sharma, an eminent psychologist, child behavior expert, certified clinical hypnotherapist, an exceptional relationship counselor and a spiritual guru, guides students through their lives’ current scenario so as to help them achieve the lifestyle they want to live. While thousands have been already mentored by Dr. Harish Sharma towards cheerful living, we aim to create positivity and happiness a way of living.

The sessions are designed to develop a synergistic relationship between the coach and the student, to create an environment where the full potential of the student may be tapped, paving him/her the path to his success.