The Generation Gap

As the generations advance, the gap usually creates a void between relationships too. While the grandparents may not be that savvy when it comes to technology, the grandchildren are seldom that mature while making decisions. This creates a rift in the relationships when there is a communication gap and judgemental perspectives towards each other.

This workshop led by Dr. Harish Sharma, an eminent psychologist, child behavior expert, certified clinical hypnotherapist, an exceptional relationship counselor and a spiritual guru, aims at creating a ‘setu’ between the different generations, for bridging the gaps into relationships, filling them with love, understanding and acceptance.

The workshop is designed to follow a scientific approach to create a sense of understanding among the generations and accepting the differences with empathy and gratitude. The workshop also promotes the fact that once people from varied generations unite together and develop a pool of love and understanding with diverse waves of thoughts and perspectives, it establishes the foundation of a cheerful, peaceful and successful life.